Text SMS  Direct Marketing

Reach customers where they already are—on their phones.
Thousands of companies use Texting to connect with customers
Reach More Customers Faster & Easier with Text Marketing

Make an Impact with Text Message Marketing & Sales Solutions

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Monthly Investment $154.50/M

What you get with this service:
*Will send up to 50 Bulk text messages to your new or past clients with marketing content per month.
 *Will assigned a virtual Receptionist to schedule your appointment if needed.
 *Will make Follow up or reminder calls to potential prospects
 *Will transfer a live lead to you directly or take info to call back later.
 *Will keep track of all leads generated or new deals.
 *Personal 1 on 1 call reviews and update company info.
 *Will design SMS text Flyer per campaign
 *Q&A - answer any questions or concerns
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