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About Claudia/Acerca De Claudia

With over a decade of experience in direct sales, Claudia brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a consultant agent for MYPCSVIP Web Agency. In addition to her impressive sales background, she also has extensive experience as a Texas preparer and wedding officiant. Claudia is passionate about helping clients and finding innovative solutions to their needs. It is for this reason that she joined our team, where she can assist a diverse range of small business owners.

Con más de una década de experiencia en ventas directas y varios años como preparadora de impuestos y oficiante de bodas, Claudia se ha forjado una reputación como consultora experta y dedicada. Su pasión por ofrecer soluciones y ayudar a los clientes a tener éxito hizo que encajara de forma natural en nuestro equipo de la Agencia Web MYPCSVIP, donde ahora puede ofrecer su experiencia a los propietarios de pequeñas empresas que lo necesiten.

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Clara Diego 

Clara is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in face-to-face sales. With a proven track record in the Time Share industry, she has cultivated excellent selling skills and an intuitive understanding of customer needs. Adding to her impressive skill set, she has spent years working in Telecom Services, further enhancing her ability to effectively sell and market a diverse range of products.

Her wealth of experience and proven dedication to customer satisfaction are valuable assets that she brings to our sales team. We are delighted to welcome Clara and believe she will contribute greatly to the success of our sales team.
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Dennise Sauz 

Dennise is a dedicated and skilled professional who is fueled by her passion to assist her clients. With her positive attitude, she radiates a vibrant energy that is infectious.

She enjoys crafting unique and effective solutions that cater to her clients' needs and help them thrive. Having been in the telecom services industry for numerous years, Dennise brings invaluable experience to our sales team.

Her insight and understanding of the market, backed by her vast expertise, makes her an invaluable asset. We are absolutely delighted to have Dennise on our team and we're looking forward to seeing her skills in action. Welcome to the team, Dennise!
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Jennifer Fenwick

Jennifer! A remarkable professional known for her exceptional service to clients and unending positivity. She possesses an insatiable desire for finding solutions to every challenge, proving herself as an irreplaceable asset time and time again.

She brings along with her extensive experience from running her own voice over agency that has successfully serviced numerous clients in need of voiceovers for local radio and television commercials. Her talent and keen insight are undeniably impressive.

Jennifer's infectious positivity and solution-oriented approach have always worked in favor of her clients and now, we're privileged to have her aboard our Sales team. We couldn't be happier to welcome such an extraordinary talent and are eager to see the incredible value she will undoubtedly add to our team.
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Spanish Speaking Only Consultants

Ana barrientos

Acerca De Ana / About Ana 
(Only Spanish Calls

*Como agente consultora de la Agencia Web MYPCSVIP, Ana aporta más de 7 años de experiencia en la venta directa. Conocida por su fuerte compromiso hacia sus clientes, se esfuerza por ofrecer un servicio inigualable y se asegura de que todas las expectativas se cumplan con la máxima satisfacción. Su probado historial de resultados excepcionales es un testimonio de su dedicación y experiencia en el campo.

*As a consultant agent for MYPCSVIP Web Agency, Ana brings with her over 7 years of experience in direct sales. Her unwavering dedication to her clients is reflected in the level of care she provides, ensuring their needs are always met. Ana takes pride in her ability to deliver exceptional service and remains committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients.
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Acerca de Emma / About Emma
(Only Spanish Calls) 

Emma, agente asesora de la Agencia Web MYPCSVIP, aporta más de tres años de experiencia en venta directa. Su pasión por la resolución de problemas y por enfrentarse a los retos la ha convertido en una emprendedora imparable, incluso siendo madre soltera. Este impulso es lo que la llevó a unirse a nuestro equipo, donde puede ayudar a los propietarios de pequeñas empresas a superar los obstáculos. En su tiempo libre, a Emma le gusta pasar tiempo al aire libre y entregarse a su afición por la cocina.

*As a seasoned consultant agent for MYPCSVIP Web Agency, Emma boasts over three years of experience in the direct sales industry. With a passion for overcoming obstacles and providing practical solutions, she has become an unstoppable force in her field, despite being a single mother. It is precisely this go-getter attitude that drew her to our team, where she can assist small business owners with their online needs. When she's not working hard, Emma enjoys spending time outdoors and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
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Acerca de Lisbeth / About Lisbeth
(Spanish Calls Only)

Lisbeth es una agente asesora experimentada en la Agencia Web MYPCSVIP, con más de seis años de experiencia en venta directa de paquetes de viajes a destinos vacacionales populares. Es una persona motivada que siempre está dispuesta a ayudar a los propietarios de pequeñas empresas a alcanzar sus objetivos. Su actitud de "puedo hacerlo" la convierte en una persona emprendedora cuando se trata de realizar tareas y alcanzar objetivos. En su tiempo libre, Lisbeth disfruta de actividades al aire libre como montar en bicicleta, así como explorar su pasión por la cocina.

*As a consultant agent for MYPCSVIP Web Agency, Lisbeth boasts an impressive background in direct sales spanning over six years. She has honed her skills in selling travel packages to vacation destinations, which speaks to her adaptability in a constantly evolving industry. With an unwavering motivation to help small business owners, Lisbeth embodies the qualities of a true go-getter who relentlessly pursues her goals. When she's not working, she indulges in her passions for the outdoors, cooking, and bike riding.