Contractors License 

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*We can help you complete all paper work needed to submit your Application to the state.
One time Fee $461.00
this includes the state fee.

*What's included on this Service:
Application Filing
-Gather All documents /Items needed to submit.
-Help you complete any LOE's if needed

*We will assist you with the following:
-Help you complete the Worker's Comp Waiver Form (If no employees) $50 to be paid to worker's comp, and you will be receiving a copy of your waiver with in 3 days via email.

*Will help you get register for the 25 hours class required by the state
The following Fees is what the Agencies will Charge for the Classes:  Daytime
(Associate Builders & Contractors $338.75)
 (Nighttime Home Builders of Utah  $350)
We will go over these options with you.

- If you need an insurance company, we'll refer you to one.

-Go over any disputes reflecting on your background information, if applicable.

Contractors License

Please provide all required details to help expedite the process