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Paid Advertisement Facts
  • Facebook A whopping 6.1 million marketers utilize Facebook ads regularly to maximize brand awareness.
  • Instagram You can boost conversion rate up to 6 percent by leveraging collection ads.
  • Twitter LinkedIn accounts for generating 80 percent of the B2B leads.
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Modern advertising has become a very different entity compared to years ago. This is in part due to huge social media sites which are ever-increasing in popularity today.

With all the money that goes into advertising, it’s important to take advantage of the power of social media marketing.

While a relatively new concept, it has become the forefront of modern advertising. Businesses large and small are capturing new online visitors with correctly implemented social media marketing.

There are several different social media services pricing plans. The most basic plan will start out at $350 a month, and then they progress from there. The basic plan will only support Facebook.
Today, around 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day to get connected with the world. They share pictures, status updates, chat with friends. In short, Facebook is their dominating source of communication.
The next plan, the Essential plan, will support all two major social media websites and will give you a bit more activity at the cost of $650 a month.


Facebook Marketing

$350 Mensual
Included in this package
  • Create a Facebook Page For Your Business
  • Manage Campaign
  • Define Goals and Strategy
  • Create a Url Link for the landing page/website
  • Offer any Incentives to create interest for lead generation
  • Create Urgency or Call Of Action (bot chats) Facebook Messenger
  •  Will  run 2 paid 7-10 days Campaign per month month depending on package
  • 10 organic posts will be scheduled per month. (Local Groups)
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Google Ads And Organic SSM on Facebook

$650 Monthly
 This Google Ads and Facebook Exclusive Package (Preparation time 3 to 4 days before launch)
  • Google ad-words settings  
  • Manage Campaign
  • Run Campaign for 7-10 days 
  • Full-configuration ad
  • campaign Landing Page
  • page/website analysis
  • Wise Keywords
  • Keyword research
  • Implementing negative keywords to exclude irrelevant traffic
  •  Geo-targeting  
  • CTA ( Mobile Number ) And
  • 10 organic posts on Facebook in the month.
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